Atlassian Doubles Down on Employee Experience at Scale

The company aims to target ITSM with new additions to Jira Service Management

Atlassian Corporation Plc a leading provider of team collaboration and productivity software and the maker of Jira, Confluence and Bitbucket, has announced a host of new features to supercharge modern operations and support teams at the High-Velocity ITSM event in London.
These new features aim to help DevOps, IT, support, and business teams to work together seamlessly. Many of these capabilities are already live, with others slated to ship early next year.
Deliver Showstopping Service Experiences:
A host of updates will help supercharge teams to provide exceptional support to employees and customers:

  1. Pre-built templates for Marketing, Finance, and Analytics teams. These templates join an existing roster across HR, Facilities, Legal, and Customer Service, enabling business teams to quickly and easily build workflows to handle everything from campaign kick-offs to financial reporting requests.
  2. Low-code / no-code and embedded forms. Users will have the ability to connect forms deeply within other parts of Atlassian products like Trello, Confluence, or even Atlas.
  3. Enhanced employee portal view. Gather and present useful information and links together into topics on the front page of your help center. From knowledge base articles in Confluence, actions in Workday, getting started guides on YouTube, and from Jira Service Management.
  4. Chat for all. Conversational ticketing, or the ability for employees to open a support ticket from directly within Slack or Microsoft Teams, is now available in all Jira Service Management plans, including Free.
  5. Early access for virtual agent technology. Following Atlassian’s acquisition of, virtual agent capabilities which will make their way into Jira Service Management. Atlassian is kicking off an early access program for a limited number of customers next month.

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Accelerate Dev + IT Workflows:
Atlassian announces enhancements to further streamline work across teams.

  1. Incident response on-the-go. Teams can receive new mobile device alerts, edit on-call schedules, escalate major incidents, swarm and update teams on timeline and notify stakeholders – all via mobile device.
  2. Post-incident review templates. Simplify PIRs by automatically populating a pre-built template that pulls in all the key information from an incident. Quickly export to Confluence for discussion and further collaboration.
  3. Smart links for PIRs. What’s even cooler with PIRs in Confluence is the ability to embed key information like flow charts or crisis comms diagrams from tools like Miro, Mural, or Figma directly into those PIR templates.
  4. Automatic change requests for GitHub, GitLab. Say goodbye to manual change requests across Bitbucket, Jenkins, CircleCI, Octopus Deploy, and now GitHub and GitLab with a growing list of supported CI/CD tools.
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Atlassian is working hard at the platform level to ensure its solution supports the largest of enterprise customers.

  1. 20K agents and 3M assets. In 2023, Atlassian is looking to expand the upper limits of both agent and asset counts. Support for 10K agents is entering early access in the coming months.
  2. Data residency support for Australia, EU, Germany, and United States. Customers will have a single control point for ensuring Jira Service Management is geographically located where it needs to be. The roadmap for supported regions in the future includes the UK, Japan, France, and Canada.

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