Uplers Releases Hiring Trends for 2024

Uplers has released a report on hiring trends for 2024 which can aid fast-paced tech and digital global companies or even global bootstrapped agencies to stay ahead of their peers and move faster for hiring top talents.

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Uplers, an Indian Hiring platform aiding fast-paced tech and digital companies to recruit talent working remotely has released a report on hiring trends for 2024. With their proficient experience in hiring, Uplers has hands-on knowledge of how the hiring landscape is shaping up and what lies in the future. This report will give global tech recruiters a foresight in the upcoming shifts and make the right hiring decisions. 

  • Spike in the Hiring Platform Subscription to Support Offshore Remote Hiring 

The remote hiring process, vetting candidates, onboarding process, compliance regulations, and payroll administration are too much to handle for first-time remote employers. To avoid any mishaps, global companies need all-round assistance when it comes to remote hiring. 

In 2022, almost 38% of businesses used hiring platforms to find freelancers and contractors for a definite period. Hiring platforms help these employers to find pre-vetted talents in a short time and facilitate smooth onboarding, manage payroll, and ensure cultural fitment. In the next two years, 48% of companies are expected to rely on hiring platforms for a better remote hiring experience.

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  • Remote Hiring will still be Relevant Even when WFO is Resurfacing

As a result of economic collapse and high operational costs, many global bootstrapped companies are dependent on off-shore hiring. Doing so gives these global agencies an option to better their portfolio with wider access to skilled professionals within their hiring budget.

Over the last two years, global digital and tech companies from the US, UK, EU, and AUS hired more than 5 million Indian remote talents. By 2024, this number will grow to 6 million.

  • Prioritising Skill and Cultural Alignment to Find the ‘Right Fit’

Going beyond borders means global employers will come across a diverse range of profiles, in terms of both skills and work culture. Hence, it is important to deeply evaluate a candidate based on their technical proficiency and cultural adaptability before making a hiring decision.

92.5% of businesses in 2023 improved their retention rate by focusing on skill-based hiring. Furthermore, 20% of global talents agree that alignment with the company culture will retain them for a longer association. An improved retention rate and a stronger workforce are why more employers are interested in adding skill and culture-based assessment tests in their hiring process.

The Uplers report on the hiring trends for 2024 is beneficial for small and medium-sized businesses who enter the market aspiring to make big but have fewer resources and are under-prepared. It can aid them to stay ahead of their peers and move faster for hiring top talents

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