Creatives On-Duty: Why the Gig Economy is About to Change the Ad World

Your biggest client just let you know they want to run radio campaigns in their top 5 markets and want custom content that reflects knowledge of each city and its local dialect and slang. One of your best creatives is on a three-week vacation trekking in Nepal and you just can’t afford a full-time fill-in. Your team has already sent the client their best ideas and they aren’t quite hitting. You’ve already pulled in a few of your usual freelancers. There isn’t a temp agency that can help with these problems, but enterprise platforms are populated with passionate, talented, skilled and creative people that can quickly give you the resources you need.

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Tech platforms have allowed huge, rapid growth for the gig economy, but in creative services, there is still a fear for many of embracing this new way of working. As the gig economy becomes the freelance economy, it’s time to set aside fears and embrace change to increase creativity, productivity and client success.

There is a strong need for talent, and agencies do not need to only rely on traditional full-time employees. In fact, many of the most capable creative minds don’t want to work full time or they may live in cities that don’t have a large base of creative companies. And if the freelance economy grows as projected by a study conducted by the Freelancers Union and Upwork, by 2027 more people will freelance than hold traditional jobs. It’s only a matter of when, not if, you will see more of your talent move into freelance status.

There are growing numbers of agencies, media, and consumer products companies using technology that allows them to strengthen their content from social posts to radio scripts, and no one has any idea what they are pulling brilliant ideas from enterprise platforms. These platforms can tap into the creativity of thousands of writers, globally, but while some adopters are leading the way, there are plenty who have yet to follow.

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The benefits of using this type of service:

  • Lower Cost Does Not Mean Lower Quality

Crowdsourcing your creative means adding the same quality of resources at a lower cost. When you are able to tap into a global pool of writers and have dozens of ideas generated in hours, you access new voices and perspectives. Think about it like a giant brainstorming session with many ideas to use as a jumping-off point.

  • Larger Pool Means Bigger Thinking

For clients looking for a regional point-of-view, you can quickly find writers who know dialects and slang, as well as understand the type of content that would appeal to a local audience.

  • A Diverse Team Is at Your Fingertips

There is a lot of work to be done in the creative fields to properly address diversity in the workplace. With thousands of vetted writers from many different places, diversity is basically built into crowdsourcing platforms.

The benefits of being a “creative” who works this way:

  • No Need to Travel

Or if you want to travel for pleasure, you can still pick up a project or two to help pay for the trip

  • Your Next Gig Is a Click Away

You don’t have to spend so much time searching for the next thing

  • You Can Align with the Work That Sparks Your Interest

The gig economy has already made our personal lives easier, now it’s time to see how it can impact our professional lives in positive ways.

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