The Growth of Recruitment Marketing Platforms

“Sourcing and finding people is the most important. You can’t recruit, message or network with someone you haven’t found” – Glen Cathey.

Organizations are for the people and people together create an organization. Recruitment is an obvious process for any business and one cannot think of growing a business without having the best people within. Good candidates can help your organization grow, a misfit can bring the reputation down to ashes.

It is the duty of HR managers to float an appealing job vacancy and filter the candidates so well that they have the best ones coming through the talent funnel. Easier said than done. Here are a few recruitment marketing platforms that help you attract the best candidates and source the best applicants.

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Recruitment marketing platforms offer several benefits to facilitate recruitment marketing efforts such as job distribution features, CRM capabilities and more. These platforms are used to market current job openings, engage with candidates, arouse interest in the job and company.

  1. LinkedIn Recruitment Marketing

A favorite platform of some of the world’s top recruiters today; from networking to sales and recruitment, one LinkedIn platform is capable of catering to a lot. LinkedIn Recruitment marketing helps organizations to pool in the best talent for  the vacancy with the help of relevant networking within a market. With LinkedIn, you can not only find the right candidate based on preferences, but it will also point out similar profiles who could be interested in joining an organization like yours.

  1. Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit is a modern day recruitment platform with fun and intuitive ways for sourcing, tracking and hiring the right candidate. Zoho Recruit offers an interactive dashboard where tabs such as job boards, connect to multiple recruitment platforms, social networks and so on can be organized.

  1. SmartRecruiters

SmartRecruiters is a popular and effective talent acquisition suite used by high profile organizations. It offers impeccable features like recruitment marketing and collaborative hiring on a cloud platform. SmartRecruiters is used by companies like LinkedIn, Equinox, Visa, Skechers and more.

  1. BreezyHR

If you are looking for a contemporary, flawless,  end-to-end recruitment platform, Breezy HR is a good choice. Once you have Breezy HR at your disposable, you can streamline your entire recruitment process and leverage features to automatically connect with candidates, advertise on job boards, schedule interviews, follow ups and more.

  1. Workable

Workable is an all in one recruitment marketing platform offering various tools, recruitment facilities and automation. Irrespective of the number of employees you hire, Workable is capable of giving you the best candidates that you need for the job. More than 2,000 companies are utilizing the features of Workable to ease their recruitment process.

  1. Yello

Yello is a well-known recruitment marketing and talent acquisition platform to help world’s leading brands get the best hires from the market. Yello adds to the personalized experiences of candidates, thereby refining the quality of hires for the company too. Several Fortune 500 companies in 70+ countries are using Yello as their recruitment partner successfully.

  1. Landed

Landed is not solely a recruitment marketing platform, but it is essentially an applicant tracking system with in-built marketing functionalities. Creating job advertisements, defining recruitment selection funnels, filtering the candidates as per the specific requirements of the company is easy with Landed.

  1. TalentLyft

TalentLyft is an all in one recruitment platform that looks after the entire lifecycle of employees right from scratch. It offers integrations with various job boards, social media networks, career fairs and events along with tying up with several third party staffing agencies. In addition, the platform offers a unique email campaign feature where managers can send personalised emails to the prospective candidates.

  1. SmartStart

This is a recruitment marketing platform designed especially for SMBs and start-ups. For such small scale companies, the software comes for free and can help companies hire up to 250 employees. In the initial stage, a company can use the lite version and when the business grows, they can make the switch.

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Is a recruitment marketing platform sitting high on your HR tech priority list? This can help you get started…

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