Survey: Employees Want More Comprehensive Wellness Programs, Conversational Assistants and Customizable Benefits

isolved’s Survey of Over 800 Full-Time U.S. Employees Highlights Their Benefit Expectations

Employees overwhelmingly want their employers to offer a comprehensive wellness program to include offerings for their physical, mental and financial well-being according to isolved’s latest research. Sixty-five percent of respondents indicated “yes” they think their company should offer this as “all three impact my work.”

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isolved, certified this month as a Great Place to Work, surveyed full-time employees in the U.S. to learn about their expectations for benefits programs and platforms at their place of business. In addition to wanting more comprehensive wellness programs, the majority (55 percent) would use a conversational/virtual assistant, driven by artificial intelligence (AI), to help them make the best decisions for them during their next open-enrollment window. In keeping with the theme of more modern expectations, employees think their employers can do the following differently to improve their enrollment experience (in order):

  1. Offer better technology that enables them to independently and electronically elect benefits.
  2. Provide more customizable benefits packages.
  3. Offer more flexibility in the types of benefits they offer (tied for third).
  4. Provide cost analysis for benefits plans (tied for third).

“The results of our survey are clear, employees expect employers to go beyond payroll and healthcare to offer a more purposeful approach to their tenure with the most personal program being benefits election,” said James Norwood, chief marketing and strategy officer at isolved. “As consumers, employees are guided to the best possible outcome by AI every day – from the sites they shop to the social apps they scroll – so it’s not surprising that the majority of employees are ready for more personalized and customizable benefits including comprehensive wellness options.”

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Key findings from the survey also include:

  • Employees welcome the availability of conversational virtual assistants to guide them in completing HR-related tasks with 83 percent being open to their help
  • The majority of employees in the U.S. believe open enrollment is too short
  • Seventy-eight percent of employees are already able to electronically elect their benefits with their current employer
  • Pet insurance is the top benefit employees wished their employer offered (second only to health insurance)
  • The top technology features employees want when electronically enrolling in benefits are (1) the ability to see a real-time cost analysis of elections, followed by (2) having the previous year’s elected benefits roll over for them to confirm

isolved’s survey included 810 full-time employees in the United States and was conducted in April 2021 with external audiences. Download, “Benefits’ Big Impact on Employee Experience” to learn more.

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