Alight Launches New Behavioral Health Navigation Services, Aimed At Supporting Individuals and Families With Complex or Severe Needs

Alight,a leading cloud-based human capital and technology services provider,announced the launch of enhanced services to help employees and families navigate complex behavioral health concerns. Available to organizations utilizing Alight Clinical Guidance and Alight Total Guidance, the new features are designed to overcome many of the barriers faced by individuals when trying to seek treatment.

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“The barriers faced by employees and their families when trying to understand and seek specialized behavioral healthcare support are phenomenally challenging”

These new features include a designated, multidisciplinary team of psychiatrists, psychiatric APRNs and NPs, licensed social workers and mental health counselors (Alight Behavioral Health Allies) that can act as allies in helping an individual find the site of care that meets their specific need.

Through an integrated and personalized user experience, the Alight Worklife platform also promotes available mental health resources and encourages individuals to utilize the available support. Spouses can also access these resources through Alight Worklife.

“At Alight, we understand that a healthy mind is fundamental to an individual’s overall wellbeing,” said Alison Borland, Chief Wellbeing Officer at Alight. “Complex and severe behavioral health needs are prevalent and underserved, creating a ripple effect that can lead to worsened outcomes in other areas of the individual’s life. By adding these enhanced services, Alight aims to provide individuals and their families with the critical support they need to prioritize their mental health journey in their greatest time of need through a seamless and accessible experience powered by our Alight Worklife platform.”

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), 1 in 20 adults experience serious mental illness each year, such as bipolar disorder, substance use disorder (SUD), or major depression. Around 40% will go untreated, perpetuating the problem and leading to poor outcomes for individuals and lost productivity and absenteeism for organizations. Similarly, children and adolescents are in the throes of their own crisis, with 80% not receiving the specialized mental health care they need, per the CDC, adding to the load of already overburdened caregivers.

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“The barriers faced by employees and their families when trying to understand and seek specialized behavioral healthcare support are phenomenally challenging,” said Bipin Mistry, Chief Medical Officer at Alight. “When a participant has a dual diagnosis or has failed treatments, is acutely ill and missing work, or facing disability— we can take them by the hand and help them over the course of that journey, whether it includes working with the individual to facilitate a leave of absence, find specialized treatment or obtain workplace accommodations. They will not be alone.”

By engaging employees in the moments that matter, and aligning them with relevant programs, Alight enables employees to take full advantage of the range of resources available to them, fostering a holistic approach to mental wellness and total wellbeing.

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