ZPMC Focuses on Talent Development to Build a High-Quality, Sustainable Workforce

 ZPMC organized professional and technical training courses on mechanical structure and electrical debugging for 9 locally-hired engineers at the company’s Indo-Australian regional center. The training is just one small part of the ZPMC’s ongoing commitment to excellence and sustainability in employee development.

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In December 2021, ZPMC introduced the Talent Training Plan for New Voyage, establishing a company-wide, systematic training system. The initiative was designed to assist employees in developing their career paths while simultaneously supporting the company’s long-term growth and continued prosperity.

For new employees, ZPMC assigns mentors to facilitate rapid skill development and mastery of job-related tasks. During a two-to-four month hands-on practice period, new hires gain an in-depth understanding of the company’s production and operations. Alongside this professional growth, cultural performances, bonfire parties and other engaging activities are organized to enhance the sense of belonging and team cohesion among the new employees.

For operations and project managers, ZPMC offers specialized classes focusing on business knowledge and project management. These annual training sessions are designed to strengthen professional skills and enhance the overall competence and effectiveness of the managerial staff.

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For research personnel, the company has designed and implemented a reward system that incentivizes engagement in R&D projects. This approach is complemented by an open competition system to select the best candidates for key research initiatives, fostering an environment that encourages and stimulates creativity within the research team.

In July 2023, ZPMC hosted the third annual “Young Craftsman” Welder Skill Challenge. As a high-skilled talent training center, ZPMC has established a skill assessment facility, a technical training college and a staff academy, which reflects ZPMC’s commitment to encouraging learning through competition. In alignment with the mission, the company organizes and participates in various vocational skills competitions every year.

In 2022, ZPMC created an overseas talent center to expedite the localization of talent development. Since its inception, the center has trained 101 engineers, 193 skilled workers, and a substantial number of professionals in project management, financial and tax law, business operation management, and marketing.

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