Thrive HR Collaborates with OrgVitals to Set a New Benchmark for Employee Experience

Thrive HR Consulting has announced a collaboration with OrgVitals, a data-driven predictive technology solution that provides human-centered leaders with the intelligence, capacity, and guidance to mitigate immediate risks while also engineering a happier, wholesome, and more productive workforce.

“We are delighted to partner with the leading predictive intelligence technology on the market today for companies wanting to identify the segments, teams, and individuals at risk so that leaders – at all levels – can be empowered to understand and address the compounding effects of work and life stressors on the performance, retention, and wellbeing of their workforce,” said Jason Walker, co-founder of Thrive HR.

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OrgVitals provides insight into a new phase of the employee experience that prioritizes health and well-being. OrgVitals technology identifies early warning signs and areas that require attention, empowering all levels of management to understand the potential long-term effects of work and life stressors on workforce performance, health, and retention. OrgVitals collects all of the data required to deliver predictive analytics to alleviate the burden of workplace alteration with scientifically supported human intelligence.

“OrgVitals has a library of 30+ industry specific base verified and validated assessments to choose from. The company recently added industry-specific baseline assessments, including assessments for education, healthcare, manufacturing, construction, transportation, logistics and hospitality. OrgVitals delivers a curated team of expert data scientists and researchers to guide you every step of the way. In addition, the ease and simplicity of the interface, including the ability to “tell the story of the data” by generating a presentation, is priceless,” added Rey Ramirez, co-founder of Thrive HR.

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OrgVitals enables organizations to integrate and enrich their employee data at their own pace. OrgVitals hosts over 40 integrations to people data platforms, including, but not limited to, HRIS, payroll, benefits, culture, and project management platforms, allowing businesses to integrate and enrich their people data at their own pace. If a system integration appears to be too complex and difficult, clients can import a simple.csv file containing their desired data.

“We are very excited to partner with Thrive HR Consulting to help their clients help their employees be at their best personally and professionally. OrgVitals technology flags early indicators and spotlights areas that need attention so that leaders, at all levels, understand the compounding effects of work and life stressors on the performance, health, and retention of their workforce,” said Charley Miller, CEO of OrgVitals.

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