TalkMeUp Adds Groundbreaking Technology That Analyzes Video Call Audience Reactions and Engagement

TalkMeUp has added Live Meeting Analysis to its award-winning platform, expanding its feature set and impact on individual and organizational communication effectiveness. This game-changing feature builds on the individual analysis in the core product by monitoring and reporting on audience engagement, enthusiasm, and sentiment.

“Companies rely on video calls to conduct business, but don’t know how effective the people leading these meetings & conversations are,” said TalkMeUp CEO JJ Xu. TalkMeUp’s Live Meeting Analysis feature answers the question of communication effectiveness.

TalkMeUp customers have realized gains in sales, customer satisfaction, and organizational productivity through the software’s unique ability to coach people to deliver compelling and impactful messages.

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Conducting meetings, sales calls, and other common business interactions over platforms such as Zoom and Teams continues to grow in practice. TalkMeUp has proven to help people communicate more effectively, whether over video calls or in face-to-face conversations, meetings, and presentations. These needs are fueling demand for TalkMeUp.

“The Ops Team mandate requires collaboration with a wide range of clients and business partners,” said An Trotter, Sr. Director of Operations, Office of General Counsel at Hearst. “With the addition of TalkMeUp’s Live Meeting Analysis, we can measure how effectively we are connecting with others, which includes demonstrating that we understand their situation, perspective, and concerns. TalkMeUp is helping us make adjustments to put our best selves forward and to advance our initiatives.”

What Is TalkMeUp?
TalkMeUp is a patented video practice and coaching platform that leverages AI to provide comprehensive analyses of communication style and skill. It enables business professionals to ensure communication effectiveness as they prepare to present to a range of audiences in a variety of situations.

How “Live Meeting Analysis” Works
TalkMeUp’s Live Meeting Analysis (LMA) informs its users about their communication effectiveness in real-world conversations by producing an immediate, detailed report on their ability to deliver a compelling and persuasive message to any audience (e.g., clients, team members, peers) and provides actionable insights and coaching to improve.

In addition to highlighting the speaker’s performance, the LMA analyzes all participants on a call and produces a detailed report on the engagement of each audience member — which provides a comprehensive view of the user’s ability to communicate and engage. Each LMA session yields three key analyses:

  • Speaker — Tracks, measures, analyzes, and summarizes feedback and coaching on a range of verbal and nonverbal metrics for each performance.
  • Audience — Tracks, measures, analyzes, and reports on each audience member’s level of engagement, enthusiasm, and sentiment.
  • Conversation — Organizes and analyzes the transcript of each recording by highlighting keywords, phrases, and questions asked. This is helpful to anyone wanting to manage their messaging (following a script or prescribed sales pitch) as well as manage and motivate others (speaking to people on their team, roleplays).

All features being tracked and measured are presented in the user’s dashboard for review immediately after a meeting or to review historical performance and trends. Managers can view the dashboard for visibility into their team’s use of TalkMeUp and performance.

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“Companies rely on business to get done over video calls and meetings, but they don’t know how effective the people leading these meetings, presentations, and conversations are,” said JJ Xu, CEO and founder of TalkMeUp. “These interactions are crucial to informing, motivating, persuading, building relationships, closing sales, and more.”

Other New Features: Courses and Practice Scenarios
Other recent upgrades to TalkMeUp include new courses specific to the metrics TalkMeUp measures and coaches, and specific practice scenarios that place users in real-world situations and scenarios they are likely to find themselves presenting in.

TalkMeUp was recognized with three gold Brandon Hall Excellence in Technology awards on the merits of its core platform. The inclusion of Live Meeting Analysis significantly extends its position. The company will not charge extra for these recent additions.

TalkMeUp is the technology leader in communication effectiveness. The company continues to innovate and deliver new capabilities that will reinforce its position as a market leader.

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