Sculpture Hospitality Proudly Announces Transformation of Employees into Franchisees, Expanding the Family of Entrepreneurs

Sculpture Hospitality, the leading trailblazer in the food and beverage inventory management industry, proudly announces a substantial milestone in its journey of growth and success with several of its dedicated employees transitioning to franchise owners. Over the past year, the company has experienced exponential expansion, positioning itself as a driving force in the industry.

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“We are incredibly proud of our employees who have taken this bold step towards entrepreneurship,” said Vanessa De Caria, President and CEO at Sculpture Hospitality. “Their dedication to our core values and the exceptional service they have provided over the years has been instrumental in shaping our company’s success. We look forward to supporting them as they grow and flourish as Sculpture Hospitality franchisees.”

Paula Moore, from Nashville, Tennessee, and Jeremy Garner, based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, are just two of several Sculpture Hospitality employees who earlier last year, began to explore entrepreneurship opportunities to pave the way for their path toward innovative ventures.

“After working as a Sculpture employee for 10 years, transitioning to a franchisee was a natural step,” said Moore. “The skills I’ve gained [in the last 10 years], along with the support of Sculpture, made the transition seamless. It is clear that Sculpture Hospitality is an organization that wants its employees and franchisees to succeed.”

Sculpture Hospitality’s expansion extends beyond financial and employee success. The company has successfully entered numerous new markets and regions, solidifying its global presence and catering to clients’ diverse needs. This expansion has been accompanied by the introduction of new service offerings, including their newest Food Inventory Software Program, and their new and improved ordering capabilities.

These dedicated professionals, armed with extensive knowledge and experience gained during their tenure at Sculpture Hospitality, are well-equipped to thrive as franchise owners. Their deep understanding of the industry and the comprehensive training and ongoing support provided by Sculpture Hospitality ensures a seamless transition into their new roles.

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Garner added, “Sculpture Hospitality enabled my evolution within the company and showcased the growth potential – transitioning from an auditor to a franchisee.”

Looking ahead, Sculpture Hospitality remains committed to maintaining its position as an industry leader. The company is dedicated to further innovation, strategic partnerships, and the pursuit of excellence, ensuring that clients continue to benefit from its cutting-edge solutions and world-class service.

For aspiring entrepreneurs or hospitality professionals seeking franchise opportunities, Sculpture Hospitality offers unparalleled industry reach, expertise, and an innovative platform built upon a proven business model. With a range of versatile franchise options tailored to fit various budgets and locations, Sculpture Hospitality presents a seamless pathway to invest in your future.

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