Quantive Adds New Platform Capabilities to Put OKRs Front and Center to Increase Accountability and Achievement

Quantive announced the launch of Check-ins, a conversations feature that enables employees to proactively share progress updates on their objectives and key results (OKR) in its leading strategy execution platform Quantive Results. Designed to drive accountability and focus by linking everyday work to strategic priorities, Check-ins enable employees to work better together while ensuring everyone is aligned to achieve organizational goals.

Many companies struggle with the “set it and forget it” approach to goal-setting which causes employees to lose sight of and abandon their goals after developing them. Check-ins provide an effective way for teams to focus on the short-term tasks and habits that are necessary to achieve long-term company-wide goals. In fact, teams who have used Quantive Results’ Check-ins feature at least twice a month are five times more likely to engage with their goals on a weekly basis and continue that habit year after year.

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“Only 10% of companies will achieve all of their strategic goals in 2023, so it’s important for businesses to have the right solutions to help their teams stay aligned and focused on their goals,” said Ivan Osmak, CEO of Quantive. “With the addition of Check-ins to our Quantive Results platform, employees can see how their everyday work connects to larger organizational priorities which allows business leaders to create more opportunities for collaboration and focus on company goals and key initiatives.”

The regular cadence of Check-ins helps to increase accountability and make execution a habit by ingraining OKRs into each teams’ work weeks. There are three main functionalities built into the Check-ins feature to help employees and managers have better conversations:

  • Customize Check-ins questions by team or department: Managers can customize the questions each team member is asked to ensure they’re reporting on the right things and focused on making progress.
  • Flexible Check-ins reporting cadence: By enabling managers to select how often their team is reporting on their progress, achievements, and challenges, they’re able to match goal progression updates with the unique operating rhythm of their team to create a more agile organization.
  • Review Check-ins progress over time: Managers can compare current and previous Check-ins stored within the platform to review and track their team’s progress against key objectives over time.

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“We strive to provide organizations with the tools, resources, and technology they need to set and achieve ambitious goals through proper strategy execution and the OKR methodology,” said Osmak. “By using Check-ins, organizations can make goals a consistent habit and show every employee how they contribute to the company’s success which helps to increase employee engagement and drive high-performing teams.

The launch of Check-ins follows the announcement of new generative AI capabilities to Quantive Results, enabling companies to use advanced technologies to fundamentally change how they set and achieve strategic goals and initiatives.

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