PerformYard Launches Employee Engagement Surveys So Customers Can Find Insights that Drive Performance

PerformYard, the leading employee performance platform, has launched PerformYard Engagement, closing the feedback loop for organizations building their high-performance culture. Engagement provides the data and insights organizations need to continue to evolve their employee performance practices and get the best from their people.

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PerformYard’s newest product includes the full suite of employee engagement tools to help organizations keep their finger on the pulse, understand employee needs, and take tactical actions to drive greater performance.

PerformYard commissioned a set of 55 survey questions that bring together the most scientifically validated data on what drives engagement and PerformYard’s experience understanding the needs of small to midsize organizations. The result is the most focused and actionable engagement survey on the market.

PerformYard Engagement is a companion to PerformYard Performance, the company’s leading performance management platform. The new system presents engagement data in the context of performance, bridging the performance and engagement data gap and closing the loop between understanding and improving employee performance.

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Ben Hastings, CEO of PerformYard said, “An engaged workforce is a high-performing workforce and the best way to drive engagement is with better performance management.” He added,“Bringing PerformYard Engagement to our platform allows our customers to direct the evolution of their performance strategies based on deep insights from their people.”

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