New Data Report from VergeSense Finds Office Utilization Still Fluctuating, and Demand for Collaborative Space is Climbing

New State of the Workplace Data Report Underscores the Need for Flexible, Adaptive Workplaces

New research from VergeSense, the provider of the industry’s first and only Spatial Intelligence Platform, finds that office utilization has increased by 87% in the past year as employees start to reacclimate to the physical office, reversing a previously downward trend. The company’s State of the Workplace Data Report, released, also reveals that the future of work is increasingly collaborative, flexible, and continuously evolving.

VergeSense analyzed space utilization across 550 buildings globally, which includes over 100,000 spaces and over 40 million square feet of real estate. When looking across this vast data set, the report revealed high fluctuation in office utilization, specifically since the start of 2022. These findings illustrate the challenging unpredictability employers and real estate professionals face as employees return to the office.
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As the surge in COVID-19 cases in the last quarter of 2021 delayed some companies’ return-to-the-office plans, the hybrid work model – in which some employees work remotely at least some of the time – continues to gain traction. New data indicates increased demand for collaborative spaces, suggesting that workplace must provide employees space and resources for interaction. Among other key findings of the report:

  • Office use increased by 87% from Q1 2021 to Q1 2022, marking a significant change from the prior downward trend.
  • The average number of collaborative spaces per floor increased by 45% in this same time period. Prior to the pandemic, an average of 10% of spaces per floor were collaborative. 25% of spaces per floor are dedicated to collaboration. This indicates that workplace leaders are adjusting office space with the expectation that employees will return to the office to work together in person.
  • Tuesday and Wednesdays are the busiest days at the office: Nearly 50% of weekly use of office spaces takes place on these days.

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While office utilization numbers haven’t returned to their pre-pandemic rates, these upward trends indicate that space use will continue to grow. As workplace leaders navigate uncharted waters in the coming months, the findings of the State of the Workplace Report 2022 provide information to help make data-driven decisions about managing facilities and optimizing spaces.

Fernanda Belo, head of workplace strategy and insights, VergeSense, explains: “The data from the State of the Workplace Report 2022 shows that employees’ use of space is perpetually shifting and will continue to evolve. With office re-entry plans constantly changing, it’s imperative to have tools in place to monitor and measure office use and attendance. Without this spatial intelligence, enterprises make decisions based on assumptions, resulting in unnecessary costs and a compromised employee experience.”

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