Lattice Announces New OKR & Goals Solution to Help CxOs and Operational Leaders Align and Engage Employees

  • To Increase Operational Efficiency, Transparency, and Equity Across Organizations, Lattice Debuts New Strategic Capabilities to Drive Growth for Companies in All Industries Through Aligned Employee Goals.

Lattice, the leading people success platform for businesses with people-first cultures, announced a new OKR and Goals product aimed at driving strategic alignment between organizations and their employees. This product helps businesses consistently set and manage goals and activate teams in order to stay aligned and on track for success.

“Beyond business growth, Lattice OKRs and Goals are meant to accelerate employee performance by connecting personal and team objectives to larger company initiatives and focuses,” said Dave Carhart, VP of People at Lattice. “When done right, goal setting can align all employees around a shared vision — encouraging a culture of top-down transparency and empowerment where everyone drives continuous impact for the business while also equipping employees to directly measure their contributions to the bottom line.

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The importance of transparency and operational efficiency throughout the organization has never been more important as companies struggle to align and engage employees in the new world of work and its heavy emphasis on remote and hybrid workforces. By going beyond surface-level mission statements, Lattice’s OKRs and Goals offer a tangible way for everyone in the organization to understand the company’s north star and rally around it at a department, team, and individual level.

Lattice’s OKRs and Goals offering ensures that organizational priorities stay top-of-mind by incorporating them into employees’ daily routines and conversations such as 1:1 meetings with managers, weekly updates, and other platforms in order to continuously guide work. While the OKRs and Goals was developed as a standalone product, it is most impactful when integrated into the wider Lattice platform to offer an intuitive way for goals discussions to be integrated into various conversations and milestones like performance reviews and career development/progression conversations. This enables employees to have insight towards goals as well as actionable, targeted feedback, and stronger performance centered on shared success.

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In addition to being integrated across the Lattice platform, OKRs and goals set in Lattice can also be tied to other key productivity software tools including Salesforce, JIRA, Slack, and Microsoft Teams, among others.

Status dashboards and real-time progress data allow operations managers and business leaders to quickly view team-wide or company-wide status and identify areas to focus on to keep the business moving forward on the path towards success.

“By integrating objectives and goals into daily conversations across the organization, employees have more transparency to how they can directly impact the business and are better able to directly connect their work to the company’s overall mission and vision,” said Jack Altman, CEO and Co-founder of Lattice. “This makes work more meaningful for employees and directly ties people success to business success.”

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