HR Tech Interview with Rebecca Wettemann, CEO at Valoir

Journey into Tech

Hi, Rebecca, Welcome to HRTech Interview Series. Please tell us a little bit about your journey and what inspired you to start with Valoir?

I’ve been an analyst covering the enterprise apps space since the late 90s. Valoir looks at the value of apps from a people perspective, focused on CRM and HCM, and, increasingly, customer experience and employee experience.

What is Valoir and what are your key offerings? How does Valoir fit into a modern CHRO’s HR Technology stack?

We’re a research and advisory firm focused on tech, and help CHROs evaluate the business case for their tech investments.

Employers are focusing now on influencing the career mobility roadmaps for their best employees. What kind of tools do these employers need for career development?

Our data shows mentoring and coaching are keys to career advancement for employees but also for employee engagement. Unfortunately, they’ve often only been available to a certain level of executive. Technology enables HR to cost-effectively extend coaching and mentoring to all employees who want it.

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The last two years have accelerated digital transformation for businesses of all sizes and stature. What has been the biggest lesson for you? Would you like to share your pandemic experience on how you managed to continue your development works and research during the uncertain times?

HR has been way behind the rest of the organization when it comes to digital transformation, but the past 2 years was a real opportunity for acceleration and digitization of processes. It gave HR and employees permission to experiment a bit.

Please tell us more about the role of DEI initiatives and how these could be used for improving training and development programs for employees?

When we think about using technology to extend mentoring and coaching, we can provide a broader set of workers with access to mentors and coaches. If I can develop and promote diversity within my organization from the ground up the burden doesn’t fall on recruiting to fill diversity “gaps.” The same is true of training programs that extend funding for higher education to a broader set of employees – not just those going for MBAs, for example, but for those seeking to gain certifications or undergrad degrees.

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Your take on the future of data science and AI in employee training and coaching-

When it comes to managing data ethically, HR is the best data steward in the organization.

We’re only just beginning to scratch the surface on what we can use with the data, but thinking about data ethics is something HR  is on the forefront of, and with good reason.

An advice to every HR trainer/ employer looking to invest in a people analytics/ HR Technology tool for 2023

First, don’t buy a tool, solve a business problem.

Second, remember that deploying the technology is only the first step. Communicating to employees what’s in it for them and marketing the broader benefits of any technology you select beyond the HR department will be important for successful adoption and value delivery.

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Thank you, Rebecca! That was fun and hope to see you back on HR Tech Series soon.

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Rebecca Wettemann is CEO and principal of Valoir, a technology analyst firm providing research and advisory services to leaders with a focus on the value of people and technology. With deep expertise in CRM, customer experience, HCM, employee experience, Wettemann’s team combines primary research and unique insights to help clients understand their strengths and execute strategies that support their goals and values. Wettemann also covers the future of work, user adoption, productivity, AI, and RPA with a focus on value.

Valoir is a technology analyst firm providing research and advisory services to leaders with a focus on the value of people and technology. With deep expertise in customer and employee experience and enterprise applications, Valoir helps clients understand and maximize the value of technology.

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