Daffy.org Modernizes Workplace Giving with the Launch of Daffy for Work

Daffy.org, the modern platform for charitable giving announces the launch of Daffy for Work, an innovative workplace-giving solution that meets the needs of today’s cause-oriented and dispersed workforce and could unlock billions of dollars to charity.

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“With Daffy for Work, employers can effortlessly empower their employees to support the causes and organizations that matter most to them, without any of the administrative hassle or privacy concerns surrounding existing donation-matching solutions.”

According to a recent survey in SHRM, 75% of Millennial employees say it’s important for employers to match employees’ charitable contributions. This is why 65% of Fortune 500 companies already offer a corporate giving program. However, while about $2-3 billion is donated through matching gift programs annually, it’s estimated $4-$7 billion goes unclaimed each year. With many programs still requiring submitting donation receipts one at a time, Daffy believes archaic technology and lack of innovation in the space are to blame.

With Daffy for Work, employers can easily offer their employees access to their own personal donor-advised fund (DAF), a tax-advantaged account for charitable giving, and automatically match donations or gift a specific amount into employee DAFs. Similar to how employer-sponsored 401Ks have increased retirement savings, Daffy believes that if every company allowed their employees to put aside just 1% of their paychecks for charity, we could increase charitable giving in the United States by almost $100 billion per year.

Unlike complicated and under-utilized charitable gift-matching programs, Daffy for Work offers a simple way for companies to show their employees that they care about support for charitable organizations. This employee-led and tech-forward corporate giving approach is what’s attracting modern companies like Acorns, Lev, OpenAI, Titan, and XYZ to launch Daffy for Work.

  • “Acorns is focused on looking after the financial best interests of our customers and team, through all of life’s stages. We’re excited to partner with Daffy to help our team give to the causes and organizations that are closest to their hearts” said Noah Kerner, CEO of Acorns.
  • “We were able to get our very first workplace giving program set up so quickly with Daffy, and have seen incredible engagement with over 70% of our team participating,” said Yaakov Zar, Founder of Lev.
  • “As an investment advisor for our clients, it is crucial for us to extend the same financially responsible services to our employees. Implementing Daffy to enable our teams to support the charities they care about, in a secure and trackable manner, was an obvious choice. It serves as a valuable benefit to retain and attract top talent,” said Archie Reynolds, Head of People at Titan.
  • “The most successful companies and teams prioritize fostering a culture of employee engagement and excellence. Offering Daffy helps you do just that, by empowering your employees to give to the causes they are the most passionate about, without any administrative burdens,” said Ross Fubini, Managing Partner of XYZ Venture Capital.

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“As today’s workforce becomes increasingly diverse and dispersed, CEOs need to rethink their benefits with geographic flexibility and employee individuality in mind. Traditional approaches like centralized giving programs and one-off fundraisers around headquarters are no longer a viable option,” said Adam Nash, Co-founder and CEO of Daffy. “With Daffy for Work, employers can effortlessly empower their employees to support the causes and organizations that matter most to them, without any of the administrative hassle or privacy concerns surrounding existing donation-matching solutions.”

Key features of Daffy for Work:

  • Best-in-class technology: With a native iOS app and responsive web experience, Daffy makes it easy for employees to give any time they’re inspired. Plus, Daffy makes giving an easy habit to keep by setting up one-time or recurring contributions and donations with cash, debit, credit, Apple Pay, stock, ETFs, or 120+ crypto assets.
  • Low-cost & remote-friendly: With no setup costs, administration fees, or per-donation fees, Daffy starts at just $3/mo per participating employee. Companies can save almost $100 per employee per year by choosing Daffy over existing solutions like Benevity.
  • Customizable & scalable for companies of all sizes: Easily customize your company’s giving program by choosing to match or gift a certain amount for each employee.
  • Effortless to launch & manage: No payroll integration or IT support is required. Companies can launch their program in minutes, not months, and access a dashboard to track adoption and share impact.

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