CGT Staffing Encourages the Benefits of Contract Engagements

 As job and market trends continue to evolve, a growing pool of professionals have begun opting for contract work, a contrast to the traditional model of fixed employment; and for good reason, as contract engagements offer a myriad of professional and personal benefits for enterprising workers. Businesses, too, are beginning to embrace contract hiring, which enables managers to maintain budgetary discipline while flexing to meet annual and seasonal labor demands.

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Under a contract model, an individual is employed by a staffing agency and engaged by a business for a fixed term, clearly outlined at the outset of work. “The principal benefit of contract work is the flexibility it affords, both for the consultant, our employee, and the business, our client,” said Bill Welge, President and CEO of CGT Staffing “These engagements enable talented individuals to hone their skill sets, to gain exposure to multiple types of jobs and industries, and as is often the case, to earn considerable income in the process. Conversely, contract engagements allow our clients to focus on their businesses while we manage the details – vetting, onboarding, employment and payrolling.”

Beyond autonomy, temporary engagements offer other benefits; namely, networking, and professional development opportunities. By its very nature, contract work lends itself to exposure and experimentation. In some instances, it affords the opportunity for a worker to perform a number of cross-functional roles for short periods of time. In other cases, it necessarily exposes the worker to managers and teams with whom he or she might not otherwise collaborate. Short engagements often accelerate the learning curve, offering the opportunity for unique mentorship and training programs. The greatest benefit, however, is often flexibility – the flexibility to determine a working schedule relative to other interests and responsibilities, whether education, travel, or family.

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“Our professional directive is to ensure a mutual best fit,” said Welge. “Increasingly, we’ve found that ‘best fit’ doesn’t necessarily equate to a full-time hire, either for our clients or candidates. We’re committed to matching job seekers with the opportunities that best match their competencies, and which ultimately satisfy their career aspirations.”

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