LMS Remains Central in Learntech Landscape According to New Executive Briefing from Leading Learning

How can learning technology buyers cut through the confusion in the current market? A new executive briefing from Leading Learning, a resource site for organizations in the business of adult lifelong learning, provides insights into the role of major learning platforms in the evolving learntech landscape and supports effective decision-making.

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Titled Conquering the Confusion: The Role of the LMS in the Evolving Learntech Landscape, the briefing highlights key changes in the overall lifelong learning landscape including advances in neuroscience and the science of learning, shifts in human life and work, the rapid evolution of available learning technologies, and the massive surge in content production that technology has enabled.

Technology decisions now take place against this complex – and often confusing – backdrop, and the briefing offers a simple product lifecycle framework for supporting these decisions. It then focuses in on what the authors – Celisa Steele and Jeff Cobb – describe as the “core four” learning platforms: the learning management system (LMS), the learning experience platform (LXP), the learning content management system (LRS), and the learning content management system (LCMS).

As the briefing makes clear, there are situations in which any of these technologies may be useful on their own or – for LXP, LRS, and LCMS – in combination with an LMS. Given the specific needs of organizations that market and sell continuing education and professional development, Cobb and Steele conclude that “the LMS will likely remain a part of the core learning business technology stack for years to come.” Moreover, LMSes are likely to evolve to take on more and more of the characteristics of the other systems, particularly the LXP.

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