Hive Learning Releases Its 2022 “Most Influential DEI Leaders in North America” list

Hive Learning –– the peer learning platform specialising in delivering culture change at scale ––has released their yearly Most Influential DEI Leaders in North America List.

Every year, the DEI experts and practitioners at Hive Learning search the DEI space to see who is doing the most influential work. This is the 3rd annual release of the list which includes 80 leaders across all types of industries.

The list is Hive Learning’s collection of leaders who are doing influential work or have helped make progress in the diversity, inclusion and equity space. Peer learning is a cornerstone of Hive Learning’s program, so the Influential Leaders list serves as a one-stop compilation of the innovators’ work in the DEI space and a reference of learning material for people who are interested in scaling culture change within their organization.

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Hive Learning is the world’s #1 peer learning platform. Their award-winning approach uses nudge theory and network science to help enterprise companies create and sustain culture change at scale by changing one behaviour at a time.

Hive Learning combines a consumer grade platform with peer learning programmes that accelerate skill adoption specialising in areas like inclusion, mental health, and leadership; expert services offer customers deep insights into their culture and deliver an engagement playbook designed over 20,000 deployments.

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