New GenAI startup MORFIUS joins Google Cloud Partner Advantage as an ISV Partner and launches its first app (Digital Tutor) on Google Cloud Marketplace

Morfius Digital Tutor is now available on Google Cloud Marketplace.

Morfius Inc., a leader in personalized generative AI applications for enterprises, is excited to join the Google Cloud Partner Advantage program as an ISV and Build Partner. Our debut product, MORFIUS Digital Tutor, is now available on Google Cloud Marketplace. This collaboration introduces Google Cloud customers to a pioneering suite of enterprise applications featuring native generative AI, revolutionizing user experiences and economic models.

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Morfius Value And Benefits For Enterprise

Morfius combines technical innovation with tangible business benefits, enhancing productivity and scaling business objectives and KPIs. Our focus is on key performance indicators that demonstrate the immediate advantages of generative AI for our customers:

  • Development speed: Unmatched development speed for AI products and solutions. Create a functional application in minutes for stakeholder presentations.
  • Cost of AI training: Lower development and AI training expenses. Our Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) based approach that results in a more than 100-fold decrease in AI training costs.
  • AI accuracy: Enhanced contextual accuracy in responses to human queries, thanks to our RAG and advanced summarization/reasoning algorithms.
  • User adoption: Prioritizing human-centric design, our products cater to non-technical business users, broadening AI accessibility significantly.
  • Enhanced security and privacy: Ensuring robust enterprise security, AI safety, and privacy, our platform upholds the highest standards for data protection and ethical AI usage.

“We are excited to join the Google Cloud Partner Advantage program as an ISV partner available on Google Cloud Marketplace. It is not just a step forward for MORFIUS but a leap forward for the personalized generative AI applications market. We are hoping to be a catalyst for it,” said Hamza Jahangir, CEO and Founder of Morfius. “Our collaboration is founded on a shared vision of making AI not just technologically advanced but also personal, safe, and optimally integrated into the enterprise fabric.”

MORFIUS leverages Google Cloud to offer advanced, user-friendly, generative AI applications for enterprises. These apps are designed for easy deployment, efficient AI training, and scalability. They combine the power of language models with features essential for accuracy, security, and cost-effectiveness, ensuring smooth integration into enterprise systems.

Our innovative MORFIUS runtime framework significantly shortens the time to market by quickly regenerating pre-trained applications. It employs AI automation to create comprehensive tech stacks from simple natural language inputs, including tailored user interfaces and workflows. This efficient process maintains critical enterprise standards for security, governance, and privacy without necessitating a rebuild of the foundational elements.

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