Alef and Casa Systems Join Forces to Unlock Opportunity for Mobile Private Networks

Tight Integration of Capabilities Ushers in New Era of Simple, Cost-Effective MPN with Enterprise-Friendly Authentication, Security and Policy Management

 Alef, a leader in mobile connectivity solutions, and Casa Systems, provider of cloud-native network solutions serving communications services providers (CSPs) worldwide, have partnered to introduce a groundbreaking Mobile Private Network (MPN) solution. This innovative collaboration delivers CSPs a redefining MPN solution to drive scaled adoption throughout the enterprise sector.

Out with the Old: Overcoming Traditional MPN Challenges

The GSMA recently estimated that 5G MPNs represent a $109.4 billion revenue opportunity by 2030. With the high speed, reliability, customization, and security MPNs offer, enterprises can enable a variety of use cases for mission-critical communications, supply chain management, AR/VR training and more. But since the debut of 5G, the high costs and inflexible nature of current MPN solutions coupled with poor integration into enterprise IT systems have hindered progress of MPN deployments.

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The Alef-Casa solution eliminates legacy challenges and embraces individualized enterprise requirements. The solution also combines Casa’s cloud-native 5G Expansion Suite, a 5G standalone (SA)-compliant solution that complements the CSP’s existing core network, with Alef’s authentication, authorization policy, and management capabilities. The result is a cost-effective enterprise MPN solution that addresses data residency/sovereignty and IT policy management needs while providing all the advantages of 5G mobile connectivity with the management simplicity of a Wi-Fi network.

Colin Kincaid, CPO of Casa Systems, said, “By integrating Alef’s enterprise-centric authentication, authorization policy, and management with Casa’s cloud-native 5G Expansion Suite and in-building radio access products, we can deliver a differentiated mobile connectivity solution that works seamlessly with enterprise network authentication and policy frameworks–all with the deployment and management simplicity of Wi-Fi.”

In with the New: Addressing Carriers’ Needs

The collaboration between Alef and Casa introduces crucial capabilities for fulfilling the MPN vision:

  • Lightweight Distributed Core: Low footprint across enterprise applications
  • Horizontal Scalability: Extending seamlessly across enterprises and enterprise locations as a SaaS-based solution
  • Dynamic Network Services: Providing dedicated bandwidth as needed
  • Integration with Enterprise IT: Fully incorporating mobile radio advantages into the existing IT environment
  • Policy Control: Extending unified policy, identity, and integrated security
  • Single Pane Management and Visibility: For ease of operations

Mike Mulica, CEO of Alef, noted, “Together with Casa Systems, we are unlocking the opportunity for mobile carriers to deliver their enterprise customers a fully IT-native enterprise MPN solution.”

Alef and Casa’s combined solution enables carriers to lead the charge into the enterprise, reshaping the landscape for businesses and propelling the industry toward a future where connectivity can be customized to meet the unique profile needs of each commercial customer.

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