Krenovator Launches AI Career Profile for Remote Recruitment Services

Krenovator Technology Sdn. Bhd. launched a new feature called AI Career Profile for software developers at all skill levels who are looking for remote positions, on its tech talent platform. Available for free, the new feature combines three main elements – a background summary of job seekers, their mental health, and psychological capital (PSYCAP) assessments –, into a single profile.

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This new profile form fills the gap of traditional resumes by providing a more holistic view of job seekers. It uses AI to automatically generate a background summary of each job seeker based on data they submit – personal details, work experience, skill sets, and technical projects.

Krenovator will share job seekers’ profiles with employers if they match the employers’ requirements for consideration.

Mahadhir Yunus, CEO of Krenovator said, “We are aware of the many challenges faced by job seekers and employers. Our AI Career Profile offers software developers a better tool to easily get noticed while providing employers with valuable insights into each candidate’s suitability for remote positions. The summary included in each profile is particularly useful to hiring managers who often find themselves overwhelmed by the volume of applications.”

Krenovator’s goal is to enhance job recruitment processes so that hiring remote software developers can be done in a matter of days, rather than months.

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Commenting on having an overview of mental health and a PSYCAP assessment in a single job application document, Mahadhir said, “This empowers employers. They can select candidates who match their job requirements and align with company culture, more efficiently!”

Both mental health and PSYCAP assessments are done on the Krenovator platform.

Krenovator has assisted remote software developers from Malaysia and Indonesia in securing jobs or outsourcing projects with employers from Malaysia, Singapore, and the United Kingdom.

Its online platform has attracted more than 20,000 users from various countries who utilize its AI Coding Assistant, AI CV Maker, and other tools.

“Since its launch in 2022, Krenovator’s online platform has garnered much interest from job seekers. We are definitely paying attention and that is why we continually enhance the platform and our services to help more qualified software developers secure remote work,” he explained.

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