What AI in Recruitment Looks Like: Implementing Artificial Intelligence in the Hiring Process

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is expected to replace 16% of HR employees over the next 10 years, according to Undercover Recruiter. The goal herein is to apply artificial intelligence to the recruitment role to enhance learning or solve problems as a machine would do. This development will pave the way for simplifying or automating part of the workflow for recruitment, in particular towards the high-frequency repeating tasks. Software, for example, applies machine learning to auto-screen applicants. It may also carry out a sentiment analysis of job descriptions to detect potentially biased language. Although this doesn’t mean you will lack a role immediately, it does mean that the time will be better with the implementation of this technology.

Shannon Katschilo, General Manager At Medallia Canada says, “Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning applications are essentially the power source behind our insights. As we collect massive datasets, we rely on these and other technologies to uncover trends on scale. Through trend identification, organizations can roll out best practices across their organization according to various subsets of the data. You can learn from one segment of the employee population and scale that across all, or get super detailed based on the demographics of an individual employee from a wider population.”

Overall, recruitment can be made smoother and faster by AI. It will improve the workforce and help everyone to smoothen out everyday working tasks. Allowing AI to help you hire will also allow you the ability to focus more on finding the right worker against the tasks necessary to do so.


Artificial intelligence has already taken many roles, but now it is about to take over the job of interpreting resumes and processing the talent pool. The modern-day recruitment strategy is based on the application of artificial intelligence. AI is taking the day-to-day tasks of recruiting and developing talent, such as assessing suitability for jobs, and determining what you really need in the company. In a sense, the recruitment industry is becoming more automated in how decisions are made and implemented.

What AI Can do for Recruitment

Online surveys are where AI gets most of its skills from and are an extremely useful way to find out how suitable a candidate is. An intelligent interviewing technique uses questions in an online poll format. These are exactly the type of questions you would ask on a job application and they show the interest and commitment that you have in the candidate. They also test the individual’s decision-making skills in a format where the evaluation is relatively objective and free from other contextual influence. In the case of a new hire, the same decision-making skills are being tested. However, the external feedback you get is the test and can be given anonymously.

For instance, last year, HireVue, the global leader in virtual interviewing and assessments technology, announced the acquisition of AllyO. The result was the formation of a recruiting chatbot and automated workflow software that increased hiring velocity and improved talent quality for companies, accessing a wider, more diverse candidate pool.

What Can We Expect from AI?

So how can AI help in recruiting for today’s modern environment? Like all technologies, artificial intelligence is in its beginning. It needs to improve, evolve, and continue to function correctly so that it can make a significant impact in the future. As already stated, there are specific tasks AI can perform. So, what is it good for?

Diverse skill sets.

It’s no secret that companies hire for specific skill sets, and this is regardless of the hiring industry. Although companies do use chatbots and machine learning to deal with automated tasks for recruitment, having a diverse workforce, which is completely based on available job openings, is a must.

How Does AI Help to Hire?

AI is expected to be a big step in the hiring process.

Applications have been tested by which AI’s advice will improve your staffing process. When it comes to attracting employees, the use of machine learning means using automated processes that will have made your role easier and quicker.

You will find that AI software will be able to read through companies’ applicant’s LinkedIn profiles. It will highlight potential candidates that fall within the same category. It will also give you the confidence to recruit for specific roles. You will be able to choose the best worker from a list of candidates and will be able to easily cut them from the job application to the interview stage.

To give you an example, in recent news, PageUp, a leading provider of cloud-based talent management software announced a global partnership with Pocket Recruiter, to offer AI-powered recruitment solutions for matching candidates to roles.

With Pocket Recruiter, Talent Acquisition teams are served ‘ideal fit’ candidates to connect with first – without having to lift a finger.

The Benefits of AI

Artificial intelligence in recruitment cannot be assessed as a tool; instead, it’s there to enhance your work. Through machine learning and machine intelligence, you can increase productivity. Here’s what it can do:

  • It allows more time to work on tasks that need the most focus.
  • It allows you to focus on what the important task of a job is and helps in processing information efficiently.
  • It can also automate repetitive tasks to reduce your workload, such as increasing efficiency at the very beginning and ensuring the job isn’t delayed for any reason.
  • It helps process things more efficiently, faster, and it also allows you to focus on the more important aspects of the job and the right person for the job, as well as skills and experience.


Recruitment can be a stressful process, there’s no doubt about it. These are things that come with it such as the stress and conflict of hiring.

With AI, you can cut through the stress and find what’s important in hiring the perfect staff, all without leaving your desk. AI will allow you to make better decisions and make you, the employer, even more, comfortable in the process. If you’re a recruiter and you feel there is room for improvement in your recruitment process, try out some of the tactics listed above!

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