Veritone and OPEXUS Team Up to Provide AI Solutions to National Canadian Bank

Veritone Redact Provides Redaction Capabilities for OPEXUS’ ATIPXpress® AI Assist Module, Improving Data Privacy Workflows While Helping to Comply with Regulations

Veritone, a leader in designing human-centered AI solutions, and OPEXUS, a leading provider of government process management software, announced that a major national bank in Canada is leveraging the OPEXUS ATIPXpress® AI Assist Module, which now includes Veritone’s award-winning Redact solution.

Veritone Redact uses pre-processing and machine learning to support the AI Assist Module by finding, flagging and redacting sensitive information in audio and video data, which may include audio calls between customer service representatives and customers, internal company video conversations or on-premise surveillance footage. Redaction plays an important role in the bank’s efforts to maintain data security, regulatory compliance and trust in financial services. Redacting multimedia files is a time-intensive process, and Veritone Redact is able to help ATIP teams reduce redaction times by up to 90%, helping speed the ATIP request process and meet public demands more quickly.

“Redaction plays a crucial role in many sectors, including government finance, given the importance of complying with Access to Information and Privacy (ATIP) regulations; but manual redaction carries the weight of being time-consuming, error-prone and costly, often lacking the scalability and auditability crucial for large-scale document management,” said Howard Langsam, chief executive officer, OPEXUS. “Fortunately, through our AI Assist module and Veritone Redact, we provide an AI-powered redaction solution capable of effectively handling an uptick in audio and video ATIP requests.”

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“As the waves of audio and video data surge, AI-powered redaction is an indispensable tool for modern organizations, offering efficiency and accuracy in safeguarding sensitive information,” said Jon Gacek, general manager for Veritone Public Sector. “By integrating Veritone Redact into their AI Assist module, OPEXUS empowers their customers to effectively navigate the rising tide of ATIP requests, while also improving their ATIP workflows to help save time, money and resources.”

Built on Veritone’s proven aiWARE™ enterprise platform, Veritone Redact enables users to manually define sensitive imagery and objects, including heads and personally identifiable information, and then automatically redacts this information from audio and video documents. It also enables searches for keywords and phrases captured within the recorded audio and quick redaction of those items.

The news follows OPEXUS’ recent contract renewal with the federal financial institution, whereby the bank will utilize OPEXUS’ expanded performance ATIP modules including AI Assist, Collaboration Portal, Public Access Link and Electronic Document Review. Given the increase in ATIP requests over the last several years, banks across Canada are seeing the need to modernize their ATIP process. OPEXUS’ expanded performance modules give them and other public agencies the tools they need to fully mature their ATIP programs while modernizing, streamlining and managing complex requests at scale.

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