Tempo Software Launches New Integrated PPM Platform to Enhance Strategic Alignment Across the Enterprise

New platform introduces AI-powered Capacity Insights for seamless capacity management

Tempo Software today announced its newly integrated platform which unites its award-winning project and portfolio management (PPM) tools into a flexible, modular platform. The platform also introduces Capacity Insights for Jira, which harnesses AI for efficient team planning at scale.

Tempo, best known for its market-leading roadmapping, time tracking, and Jira-native PPM solutions, embarks on the next step of its evolution as it makes available new capabilities and solutions to solve the key alignment challenges facing organizations today.

“Effective alignment between team managers and senior leadership is pivotal for organizational harmony,” said Mark Lorion, CEO of Tempo Software. “Traditional portfolio management tools have historically neglected the vital middle layers of organizations, offering rigid, top-down solutions that are often cumbersome and inflexible. Customers require adaptable tools tailored to their unique operational needs and seek to minimize disruptions to their daily workflows. With Tempo’s established history and experience in tracking time and capacity, complemented by cutting-edge developments in artificial intelligence, we’re in a unique position to address this.”

After a year of record growth, marked by unprecedented expansion in its enterprise segment, the Tempo team is thrilled to unveil their new platform just in time for Team ’24, Atlassian’s premier event. This year Tempo is proudly nominated for five Partner of the Year Awards. The nominations recognize Tempo’s work supporting customers and partners within the Atlassian ecosystem.

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Solving capacity challenges with AI

As the authoritative source for planning in more than 30,000 organizations, Tempo’s data and institutional knowledge is unrivaled. This provides the perfect foundation to solve complex problems around capacity management, ensuring customers remain on track, on time, and within budget.

Available in beta today, Capacity Insights leverages AI and machine learning to enable customers to make faster, more informed business decisions. For companies using Jira for product development, Capacity Insights helps teams align their work with business goals. Unlike other tools, Capacity Insights works right within Jira and makes it simple to understand what teams are doing related to specific initiatives. These innovations support Tempo’s mission to enable flexibility and alignment for businesses of all sizes.

Forrester survey highlights lack of strategic portfolio management process

A forthcoming Forrester survey commissioned by Tempo found “72% of respondents are planning to increase investments in their portfolio management solutions in the next 24 months,” and noted strategic management capabilities such as capacity planning are key to increasing the return on these investments.

The study also showed that less than 30% of respondents have a repeatable portfolio management process integrated across the business. The survey, which engaged 528 global decision-makers in portfolio management, underscores a critical challenge for modern enterprises.

“The majority of enterprise businesses have an alignment problem,” says Emmanuel Benoit, CEO of Valiantys. “It’s our job as a leading Atlassian IT consulting firm to find solutions, and Tempo fits the bill. “Many of the enterprise portfolio management tools available today are complex, rigid, or too specialized for broad adoption. Tempo’s modular approach means we can build solutions that leadership and teams will actually use, and strategic alignment is the output.”

The Tempo platform: Modular, flexible, scalable

Tempo’s platform includes solutions for Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM), Project Portfolio Management (PPM), IT Service Management (ITSM), and Professional Services Automation (PSA). By integrating these powerful tools into a unified platform, Tempo makes it even easier for teams in these areas to get started, and see the benefits.

The full platform includes:

  • Timesheets
  • Capacity Insights (beta)
  • Structure PPM
  • Strategic Roadmaps (formerly Roadmunk)
  • Portfolio Manager (formerly LiquidPlanner)
  • Financial Manager (formerly Cost Tracker)
  • Custom Charts
  • Capacity Planner (formerly Planner)
  • BI Connectors for Jira (by Alpha Serve, now part of Tempo)

With all its tools supercharging Jira and integrating with many more, Tempo minimizes user workflow disruption and allows leaders and their teams to better communicate priorities and stay aligned.

The Tempo team will celebrate the launch of the new integrated platform at Atlassian’s flagship event – Team ‘24 in Las Vegas. Tempo’s new offering, Capacity Insights, will be available in beta from April 30.

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