Healthee Unveils AI-Driven Enhanced Plan Comparison Tool, Setting a New Standard in Innovative Technology for Streamlining Open Enrollment

Improved tool maximizes decision support for employees, simplifying the annual open enrollment process for organizations.

Healthee is excited to announce the launch of its enhanced plan comparison tool, designed to streamline open enrollment for organizations and maximize decision support for employees during this crucial period.

Focused on streamlining benefits administration and enhancing care outcomes, Healthee’s comprehensive platform begins with its advanced plan comparison tool, ensuring a seamless and informed open enrollment experience. Unlike most platforms that focus solely on either benefits navigation or care navigation, Healthee covers both, introducing an unprecedented level of comprehensiveness. Beyond open enrollment, Healthee continues to support employers and employees with conversational benefits questions experience using its AI-powered health assistant, Zoe. Users can easily find care through provider search or free telehealth, check their bills, and maximize its features for wellness and preventive care suggestions. This comprehensive support reduces overhead and improves overall satisfaction by enhancing employee well-being and streamlining administrative processes. With Healthee’s platform, expect instant, personalized responses to all coverage, treatment, and benefits queries, ushering in a new era of healthcare decision-making.

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Key Features and Benefits:

The new version now includes a more advanced recommendation algorithm that takes into account a broader range of factors during the robust intake process, such as employee health priorities, mental health needs, and anticipated healthcare requirements. This ensures employees receive tailored plan suggestions that best fit their unique health profiles.

Additionally, Healthee introduces a groundbreaking feature: “HSA Explained.” Employees will now have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), understand what an HSA is, how it works, and how to maximize its benefits, all seamlessly integrated into their user experience.

With a revamped design and superior user interface, the plan comparison tool offers a visually appealing and intuitive experience. Users can now view and compare plans in a format that suits their preferences, making the decision-making process simpler and more enjoyable. This enhanced functionality not only simplifies the process but also empowers users to make informed decisions, minimizing risk and dispelling the usual uncertainty associated with plan selection.

Yael Pelleg, Head of Product at Healthee, explains, “After gathering valuable feedback and with our commitment to consistently developing our offerings, we are excited to release this new iteration of our Plan Comparison Tool. Our enhanced tool provides all necessary information in a clear, visually appealing way, making benefits easy to understand. By leveraging advanced AI recommendation systems, the tool ensures personalized plan suggestions that match employee needs.”

Pelleg continued discussing the enhancements, saying, “We are determined to empower employees to make confident decisions from anywhere, reducing HR’s time and effort during open enrollment, resulting in happier employees and cost-saving plan selections.”

After implementing Healthee’s plan comparison solution, Elle Meza, Total Rewards Leader and People Technology Advisor said, “Healthee reduces the need for my benefits team to answer basic questions and supports my employees with understanding their benefits coverage in a way that makes sense to them and their families. We expect higher engagement after some time on Healthee!”

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