Guild Announces New Skilling Bundle To Address Critical Durable Skills Gap in Frontline Workforce

Second in Guild’s series of learning bundles helps employees cultivate coveted “soft skills” in the age of AI

Guild, the leader in opportunity creation for America’s workforce, today announced the latest expansion of its Learning Marketplace with a first-of-its-kind learning bundle made up of a suite of programs designed to address the critical durable skills gap in the frontline workforce.

Durable skills, also known as “soft skills,” such as collaboration, problem solving, time management and empathy are coveted by executives, with 70% stating they’re even more valuable to their organization than AI skills. Yet as jobs defined as durable skill or “soft skill”- intensive are set to account for ⅔ of occupations by 2030 and grow at 2.5x the rate of jobs in other occupations, organizations are not actively working to build these skills for the areas of the workforce that need them the most.

Research from Harvard Business Publishing identified a gap in both people-centric skill capabilities and related training opportunities for frontline leaders. Despite the growing need in this area for those on the frontline, organizations have limited training efforts for these key human-centric skills to senior leaders.

As the convener of the nation’s largest employers and innovative learning institutions, Guild was able to surface market needs and workforce gaps in order to curate and build a new educational program with best-in-class learning partners.

The programs that do exist in the market today are not optimized for frontline workers, relied heavily on pre-recorded videos of theoretical concepts, moved too slowly to help learners address real-time challenges, and in many cases only taught about a skill, not how learners can apply it effectively in their day-to-day.

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“For all the ways we can see AI driving businesses forward—unlocking efficiency, driving order, creating space for creativity—it is nothing without an equally valued talent strategy,” said Bijal Shah, CEO of Guild. “As companies invest in AI, it is imperative that they assess the skills required in this new era of work. The future of work will not work without durable skills.”

Employees at Guild’s Employer Partners will now have access to a new suite of learning programs that address previous gaps and support the unique needs of frontline workers. New programs offered through Guild’s Learning Marketplace from Pathstream, Springboard, and the University of Denver will give employees the opportunity to learn and practice durable skills, such as critical thinking, risk assessment, communication essentials, problem solving, situational adaptability, and more.

By design, each program can be completed in 4 months or less, requires no prior college experience, and offers flexible learning that can be accessed by cell phones. Employees will also have access to 1:1 mentorship and coaching designed to live-practice immediate real world application of their new skills.

The new suite of programs is now available to all employers partnering with Guild, allowing companies to remain at the forefront of workforce transformation by thoughtfully investing in fostering both technical and durable skills for their team members.

“In a rapidly evolving business landscape, Hilton recognizes that cultivating foundational skills is essential for any successful talent strategy. These skills become the platform to empower Team Members with the necessary tools to thrive in their roles and grow their career mobility options for the future,” said Ellen Kessler, Sr. Director Learning & Development at Hilton. “Effective collaboration, communication, and decision-making are the cornerstones of success. These human-driven skills not only enhance individual performance but also contribute to the overall growth of our organization. Hilton’s commitment to continuous learning ensures that Team Members engage meaningfully with their teams and work. As technology advances, these foundational skills remain crucial, allowing Team Members to adapt and excel.”

This new learning bundle marks the newest addition to Guild’s Learning Marketplace, which is made up of a curated mix of learning programs selected for their ability to deliver outcomes for working adults and support them on their career mobility journeys. Last October, Guild announced a first-of-its kind AI skilling bundle designed to support the 112 million frontline workers most at risk of needing to change occupations in the near future due to AI-related shifts in the workplace.

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