Grammarly Delivers a 1994% ROI for Databricks According to Nucleus Research ROI Case Study

Nucleus Research announced the findings of a study into the benefits that technology vendor Databricks realized from implementing AI writing assistance solution Grammarly. Key benefits realized as a result of the deployment include reduced content production time, enhanced customer experience, and accelerated employee onboarding, training, and upskillingNucleus found that Grammarly delivered a 1994 percent Return on Investment (ROI) for Databricks, which was able to recover its initial investment in the solution just 1.2 months after deployment.

“Databricks sought a solution that would help to standardize and manage a growing volume of written external communications and documents,” said Vice President Trevor White. “After deploying Grammarly, Databricks saw immediate benefits such as productivity and writing quality improvements from the solution’s AI-driven suggestions and accelerated review processes.”

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“Databricks sought a solution that would help to standardize and manage a growing volume of written external communications and documents”

Key benefits highlighted in the case study include:

  • Accelerated Writing & Editing. By enhancing writing speed and quality with Grammarly, Databricks’ support team increased the average number of cases closed per year by ten to 15 percent. Nucleus also found that Databricks’ marketing team accelerated the creation of documents by an average of 15 minutes, and time spent editing each document was cut in half to 15 minutes, saving 540 work hours each year on average.
  • Empowering Employees. Using Grammarly, Databricks revised a soft skill and writing course conducted twice a year for over 100 employees, saving the company $50,000 annually.
  • Accelerated Employee Onboarding. After deploying Grammarly, Databricks was able to save nearly $8,000 in employee productivity annually across the support engineer hiring process.

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