Findem Announces General Availability of Its Copilot for Sourcing – Most Advanced AI-Powered Assistant for Candidate Sourcing

Findem’s Copilot for Sourcing is the only copilot that fully automates the complex process of searching for talent across all hiring channels

Findem, the only AI talent acquisition and management solution powered by unique 3D data, announced today that its new Copilot for Sourcing is now generally available worldwide. Findem’s Copilot for Sourcing, which is fully integrated into its Talent Data Cloud, automatically generates active talent pipelines from all hiring channels with a single click, enabling talent teams to continually decrease their time to hire and remain flexible in a changing market.

Sourcing is a notoriously complex and time-intensive process, often taking weeks for recruiters to scour different channels and find enough qualified candidates to present to hiring managers. Harnessing the power of AI automation, Findem’s Copilot for Sourcing enables talent teams to build active candidate pipelines from every hiring channel, start reviewing high-intent candidates and personalize the candidate experience with channel-aware communications – all in record time.

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“The days where recruiters spend 90% of their time chasing cold leads to make key hires are finally over,” said Findem CEO Hari Kolam. “In this new world, our Copilot can instantly analyze thousands of candidates across every hiring channel, automatically prioritize the top 50 or 100 hottest leads, and serve them up. Free from the drudgery, recruiters can now take on the strategic work that they enjoy and that delivers high value to the business. The impact is going to be swift and immense.”

“Findem’s Copilot is the next step towards a more autonomous and efficient top-of-funnel,” said Travis Baker, vice president of talent acquisition at Boulevard. “By giving us a unified view of candidates from all channels, applying intelligent ranking and prioritizing the candidates who most closely match our requirements, our team is able to focus on the people who have the highest likelihood of progressing through the funnel.”

A user simply clicks “start my project,” and Findem’s Copilot for Sourcing:

  • Turns a posted job description or open job in your ATS into a precision search
  • Searches global data sources to find the most factual, up-to-date candidate information
  • Sorts and filters enriched profiles across your ATS, CRM, internal and external channels
  • Verifies candidate contact information, skills and experiences
  • Returns a shortlist of prospects prioritized by best match and highest interest
  • Continuously sources and updates the talent pipeline until a hire is made

With Findem’s Copilot for Sourcing, recruiters start with a shortlist instead of a blank slate. They have total flexibility to go straight to outreach based on the results or refine the shortlist using attributes-based search and Boolean logic, making Copilot an essential AI companion for both inexperienced and expert sourcers.

“We are quite literally ushering in a new era for sourcing – one where the lofty idea of multichannel recruiting becomes a real material strategy, and one where active pipelines are built with stark simplicity and allow businesses to continuously decrease their time to hire and remain flexible,” said Findem CEO Hari Kolam. “We’ve had the most advanced talent data at our core since day one and it’s integral to everything we develop. When this talent data gets coupled with the latest in AI, we’re able to deliver something ultra powerful, and it’s why we were best positioned to come out of the gate with the most advanced copilot for sourcing on the market.”

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