Deepdub Launches First-Ever Royalty Program to Compensate Voice Actors for the Use of Their Voice in Generative AI

Deepdub, the leading AI-based audiovisual dubbing and language localization company, announced the launch of its Voice Artist Royalty Program, the first initiative of its kind to provide fair compensation to voice talent for the use of their voices in AI-powered dubbing, voice cloning, and other synthetic voice projects.

The recent Hollywood strikes centered on concerns about AI’s role in the entertainment industry, particularly regarding job security and intellectual property rights. This follows long-standing concerns in the voice-acting community around the usage of their recordings in AI and voice cloning projects, without proper consent and compensation.

Deepdub’s first-of-its-kind initiative empowers actors, enabling them to earn from each use of their voice in an AI-powered production. The program is open to professional voice artists, who are required to submit a sample of their voice. Once approved, they are added to Deepdub’s voice marketplace and their vocal profile becomes available for use in audio-visual productions. Deepdub ensures that artists are compensated each and every time their voice is selected for use in a project. This model presents a continual revenue stream, allowing voice artists to profit from their voice across a diverse array of projects.

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“At Deepdub, we want to ensure voice talent are rightfully rewarded for their artistry and skill,” said Ofir Krakowski, CEO and co-founder of Deepdub. “Our Voice Artist Royalty Program enables performers to tap into the expanding world of AI voice tech in an ethical, mutually beneficial way.”

“AI holds tremendous promise for the entertainment industry and is fundamentally changing how content is created and distributed,” said Emiliano Calemzuk, chairman of Deepdub’s advisory board and former President of Fox Television Studios. “However, it’s critical that artists aren’t left behind in this transformation, and that people in all positions within the industry benefit from AI. Deepdub’s Voice Artist Royalty Program is a watershed moment for the ethical adoption of AI in entertainment. This initiative paves a sustainable path for artists to continue to work alongside AI, and to be fairly compensated for their unique skills and abilities.”

Deepdub has collaborated with Hollywood studios and other content owners on dozens of film and television projects, including shows that are currently streaming on Hulu and Amazon Prime. The company was the first AI solution to obtain TPN certification from the Motion Picture Association for work on pre-release content.

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