Crunchr and AspireHR Partner to Deliver AI-powered People Analytics in Less than 3 weeks

AspireHR, a distinguished SAP SuccessFactors and Workforce Software implementation partner, and Crunchr, a leader in cloud workforce analytics, have announced this strategic alliance combining their unique strengths and resources to offer powerful pre-built HR analytics for all SAP SuccessFactors customers worldwide. This partnership will deliver comprehensive workforce analytics, taking HR processes to a new level of efficiency, effectiveness, and insight.

AspireHR is known for its transformative HR solutions, including AspireHR’s innovative SmartData, that prioritize user experience, functional effectiveness and speed to achieve return on investment. The company’s commitment to superior client service and HCM innovation has earned AspireHR many awards and accolades.

Crunchr is recognized for its user-friendly people analytics solutions that help organizations make data-driven decisions about their workforce. The company’s solutions leverage artificial intelligence to provide insights into recruitment, retention, performance, organizational structure, workforce planning, diversity and inclusion, and much more.

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With this alliance, businesses can efficiently harness the power of Crunchr’s integrated platform and AspireHR SmartData™, offering a synergistic blend of technology and expertise. By integrating Crunchr’s renowned people analytics platform with AspireHR’s automation of HR data extraction, translation, and loading, SAP SuccessFactors customers can readily identify and interpret people trends, streamline operations, enhance decision-making processes, and optimize workforce planning.

Kevin Chase, CEO of AspireHR, shared his thoughts on the new partnership: “AspireHR and Crunchr are a natural synergy. Our alliance paves the way for businesses to augment their HCM system investments, creating a simple, efficient, predictable low-cost approach to unlocking the power of people data for our clients. The autonomous and predictive analytics features available will expedite the collection of workforce insights, trend analysis, and the creation of more effective people strategies. The fusion of AspireHR’s proprietary SmartData ETL platform, built specifically for SAP SuccessFactors clients and Crunchr’s pre-built innovative workforce analytics solution in the cloud promises to be a game-changer for the HR industry.”

Dirk Jonker, Founder and CEO of Crunchr, views this partnership as an enabling force to elevate HR. “With business executives focusing on growth, cost containment, and efficiency, it is showtime for HR. Hence, acting fast is crucial and our 3-week implementation delivers just that. Leveraging AspireHR’s data automation capabilities and Crunchr’s out-of-the-box analytics, a CHRO can make a significant impact at the next board meeting. We are eager to leverage our collective strengths to fulfill this vision.”

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