Paylocity Introduces AI Assist: Industry’s First Generative AI-Integrated HCM Software

AI Assist, developed by OpenAI, uses artificial intelligence to enable faster and more effective communications throughout the enterprise.

Paylocity launched AI Assist, a game-changing advancement in HR technology that incorporates generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) into its core HCM platform. AI Help, which was built with integration with OpenAI—the creator of ChatGPT—gives HR experts, executives, and workers the ability to make highly effective interactions in less time. Based on a single suggestion from users, AI Assist can swiftly generate ready-to-send communications and announcements directly in the Paylocity platform. AI  is the latest addition to Paylocity’s industry-leading HCM platform, which has helped enterprises enhance insight, boost efficiency, and generate better business outcomes.

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AI Assist is the most recent addition to Community, Paylocity’s social collaboration center, which is a built-in component of the Paylocity platform that facilitates communication and encourages employee interaction. Communication is crucial to creating a culture and being a preferred employer, but many firms struggle to keep their workers engaged using traditional email and obsolete intranets. Employees that work from home or on the move, hybrid workers, people with language problems, and a plethora of other circumstances all pose challenges to good employee engagement.

Paylocity has experienced a record increase in community adoption, indicating a rising desire among businesses for solutions that improve collaboration and promote company culture. Paylocity continues to provide contemporary, employee-focused features that go beyond what older HCM systems can offer. Newly launched improvements include improved chat, which allows you to record and transmit audio messages, as well as new collaboration tools like drag-and-drop file sharing in groups.

AI Assist Makes Employee Communication and Engagement Faster and Easier

AI Assist assists HR, company executives, and workers in breaking down some of the most significant barriers to successful communication, allowing them to:

  • Improve efficiency: Users may rapidly construct ready-to-send communication for their organization by putting a prompt into AI Assist and then sharing it with group members in just a few clicks when publishing news or announcements.
  • Boost your creativity: AI Assist may provide professional, succinct communication if users are confused about how to communicate their ideas or are seeking for a smart approach to put their thoughts into words.
  • Enhance communication: AI Assist may support stronger culture and more transparency throughout the business by adjusting the tone of announcements, creating messages for particular audiences, or even translating communications into other languages to reach multilingual staff.

“Every company I talk with is searching for more intelligent and personalized ways to improve employee engagement so they can stay ahead of an increasingly competitive and uncertain labor market,” said Steve Beauchamp, co-CEO of Paylocity. “AI Assist builds on the powerful employee experience features we’ve embedded across our platform to not only connect with employees in new, more effective ways but also give HR and employees the latest tools to make it easier and more fun.”

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AI Assist is the most recent addition to Paylocity’s modern platform, which is designed to boost HR and leader productivity.

Paylocity is a pioneer in mixing AI and other new technologies into its platform to not only increase HR professionals’ efficiency but also assist leaders in building cultures and effectively retaining people. Paylocity uses unique AI and machine learning algorithms to transform insights gleaned from millions of users and billions of interactions on the Paylocity platform into actionable dashboards and suggestions, such as:

Modern Workforce Index: Offers HR professionals and business executives an overall health score for their firm, performance benchmarks against peers, and personalized suggestions to increase efficiency and employee engagement.

Retention Risk Dashboards: Analyzes employee retention indicators such as location, department, manager, length of employment, wage increase, and more to identify individuals most at risk of leaving and allow managers and executives to manage turnover proactively.

Time & Labor Forecasts: Predicts the complete number of hours required for a certain schedule cost center up to a month in advance using historical data, simplifying scheduling and lowering overtime expenditures.

Tone and Sentiment Analysis in Performance Reviews: Assess general attitude (positive, neutral, or negative) and intonation (joyful, shocked, furious, or sad) for in-the-moment coaching on how to compose and present feedback — aiding managers in more efficiently developing staff.

AI Help is presently under closed beta testing. Clients of Paylocity can contact their account team for further information or to seek early access.

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